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Buy Gallic Acid from China Suppliers and Manufacturers at Best Price

广东时时彩11选五开奖结果走势图 www.dxoojb.com.cn What is Gallic acid? Pure gallic acid is a colourless crystalline organic powder. Gallic acid occurs as a free molecule or as part of a tannin molecule. Distribution Gallic acid is found in almos...

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Buy 1,4-Butanediol (BDO) from TNJ Chemical

You must be dreaming to find 1,4-Butanediol 99.9% (BDO) supplier for long term cooperation .But how to make your dream come true ? Yes, just find Hefei TNJ chemical industry Co.ltd for help ...

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Buy Boric acid flakes from factory & suppliers directly at best price

What kind of Boric acid flakes we sell? TNJ Chemical is the only and earliest developer of Boric acid flakes in China. We sell two kinds: Boric acid flakes 1-3mm & Boric acid flakes 3-5mm. It appe...

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Buy Glycolic acid powder & 70% solution from China factory & suppliers at best price

Glycolic acid -- The most popular Acid for medical beauty  Do you want to make your skin whiten? And still don't know what kind of cosmetic materials you can use for whitening? We suggest that yo...

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Buy Benzaldehyde 99.9% from factory & suppliers for best price

Benzaldehyde is kind of organic compound. It is oen of the simplest, and the most commonly used aromatic aldehyde in chemical industry. At room temperature it exists a colorless liquid with a special ...

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Buy Benzocaine powder - the roles of Benzocaine on human you should know

What is the role of benzocaine? Benzocaine is a local anesthetic, mainly for itching skin disease, wounds, hemorrhoids and ulcer pain etc.. The common benzocaine drugs in market include benzocaine oin...

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Buy N,N-Dimethyl-P-Toluidine CAS 99-97-9 at factory price from China

N.N-Dimethyl-P-Toluidine is a colorless or pale yellow oily liquid, with a rotten egg smell, the structure GH3 H3e 1LcH3, a molecular weight of 135.04, the normal boiling point 200C degree, normal tem...

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TNJ Chemical: Sodium methoxide produced by Alkali & Sodium methods

Production of sodium methoxide by alkali method The alkaline process is to use methanol and sodium hydroxide. The reaction is as follows: CH3OH + CH3ONa - NaOH + H2O (1) the configuration of methanol ...

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