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Buy Iron oxide (Ferric oxide) CAS 1332-37-2
Iron oxide (Ferric oxide) CAS 1332-37-2
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Part Name:    Iron oxide

CAS No:         1332-37-2

M. F:               Fe2O3

M. W:             159.69


Iron oxide red, also called rust red, is a red iron oxide powder, which has the properties of light resistance and high temperature resistance. 


Melting point          1565

Boiling point           3414 °C

Density                 5.24



1. in the building materials industry is mainly used for color cement, color cement tile, color cement tile, imitation glazed tile, tile, concrete, asphalt mortar, color color terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marble and stucco walls etc.; 

2. for all kinds of paint coloring and protective substances, including water and wall paint, such as powder coatings; Can also be used in paint, alkyd, including epoxy primer and finish all kinds of amino; Can also be used in toy paint, decoration paint, furniture paint, paint and enamel. Iron red primer with antirust function, can replace the expensive red lead paint, saving non-ferrous metals. 

3. Used for coloring plastic products, such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, and rubber products, such as automobile inner tubes, inner tubes of tubes, inner tubes of bicycles, etc...

4. Used in high precision grinding materials, used in precision hardware instruments, optical glass polishing. High purity is the main base of powder metallurgy, used for smelting various magnetic alloys and other advanced alloy steel. Made from ferrous sulfate or iron oxide yellow or inferior iron mixed by high temperature calcination or directly from liquid medium. 


Anti-Static Packing, or as per customer request


Packed in a woven bag lined with polyethylene or a layer of kraft paper bags of 25kg net each. Stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse. The packing should be sealed and dampproof. Avoid high temperature, separate from acid and alkali. In accordance with the above conditions of storage, not unpacked products, valid storage period of 3 years. 

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      Iron oxide (Ferric oxide) CAS 1332-37-2
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